No cover for series "Suits"?


all of my series and movie folders are showing automatically pretty cover images, only the very famous series “Suits” does not show a cover image :frowning:

The folder is called “Suits” and inside is a folder “Season 2”. The cover image for Season 2 is correct. But why does the main folder not show a cover image?

Do you know why?

Should I name the main folder any different?

That’s it: Suits -

Can you provide a screen cap of the file structure? Sometimes if you misspell the name on the main folder it will not pick up the artwork. Also sometimes an extra space or invisible character sneaks in and that too will cause problems with the artwork.

Suits Test File Structure and Names

This test worked great and pulled the series art as well as season.

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That’s my structure:


Is each episode in a separate folder also?

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Yes, is this a problem?

It may be, just as a test could you bring out maybe 2 or 3 episodes to the season folder level like mine and see if the series poster shows then.

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Cool, thank you very much! When I put the video episode files directly to the “Season 2” directory everything is fine :slight_smile:
Perfect!! So I should avoid that subdirectories in the future, right?

One other question please:
I also have a folder for the series “Das Boot”: Das Boot -
Infuse uses the cover image in the middle:

Is it possible, that I use the left or right one?

That will simplify things and probably keep your problems like this to a minimum.

You’d have to download the image you want to use and follow the instructions in this users guide under the section " Overriding TV series, season, and episode artwork"

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Thanks again!
Do you know, why Infuse chooses exactly that one in the middle?

I also have the infamous series: Das Geschäft mit der Liebe -
Name: Das Geschäft mit der Liebe

There are no images at The TV DB.

This is my folder structure:

I tried a lot of filenames for JPG, but for the main series folder Infuse does not display any of my images. Can you please tell me, how to fix that?
It would be OK, if Infuse uses the same image for the series and also for Season 7.

I’d guess that since it’s the only one of the three that is classified on TVDB as being in the “German” language and the other two are classified as “English” you must have German as your preferred language. :wink:

As to " Das Geschäft mit der Liebe" series, if you view it inside the “Library” the “poster.jpg” should work. If you want to duplicate that same jpg and name it “folder.jpg” and leave it in the same directory that should work for viewing it in the share.

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Yeah, you rock! All that worked! Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome, glad to be able to help out. :smile:

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