No Consistancy in Library/Folder Displays

I have the ATV4 running the latest TVOS. The library is stored on a Seagate Central NAS. When I view the folders, I get two versions. About half are displayed as folder icons, the other half show thumbnails, I suppose you’d call them, of the contents of the folders. See attached file 1.

Then in a lot of folders, whilst the filenames have been renamed by Filebot to a specific convention, they may display only the title of the show, the episode then the title of the show again, not the episode title. And the description for each episode is the same, a general one. See attached file 2.

So, in some shows, I get all the correct details and episode descriptions, but in others, nothing.

I’ve deleted the library, rebooted the ATV and started again, but with the same results.

In Windows Explorer, all episodes for each show are stored in the one directory. That is, there are no sub-folders for each season.


Infuse is a bit limited in where it can show artwork while browsing via folders, so this is probably working as expected. What you may try is browsing using the Library option as this should provide much more consistent organization of your movies and TV shows. The Library has a number of customization options as well, and a bit more info on thees can be found here. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore

With regard to your second issue, which version of Infuse are you using? We fixed an issue similar to this awhile back (in 5.3 IIRC), and haven’t seen any issues since then.

Hi james.
Thanks for the reply.
Infuse Pro 4.3.6.
Last night I added a new folder and files within it. It’s not showing up in the Library. I’m currently scanning it now. I’ll see if that updates it.
Also, last night, I added a folder then a number of sub-folders under it for each season. Infuse, however, shows them all as thumbnails together, not as separate seasons and with no episode information.

Should I just dump all of the files into the one folder, perhaps?

I didn’t know that there was an Infuse 5 Pro. I’ve just purchased it. I’ve set up SMB shares for the Seagate NAS and it’s picked up the video library. However, it’s doing much the same thing as the previous version. And although I’ve selected “Videos” the name of the folder under which all videos are stored, or if I select “Library” I still get the same issues.

I use a Windows program called “File Bot” to rename videos based on a database that it accesses. Should I be using something else, perhaps?

As long as you’re following one of our supported naming styles for TV shows, then Infuse should be able to pick up the correct info, even if they are in subfolders. More info on the supported styles can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

With regard to the original issue, the workaround in Infuse 4 is to use the Edit option to refresh details for one of the epodes in a particular season. This will have the effect of updating all episodes in that season with the correct episode specific info. Alternatively you can update to Infuse 5, and this will be done for you automatically.

As you may have note I just upgraded to 5 Pro and am seeing the same sort of thing.
The file naming convention that File Bot has been using is such:
Show Name - 1x01 - Episode Name.mkv/mp4/whatever
In that tutorial none of the examples have the episode title. Yet, for some shows it’s picking up the correct info, or others, it’s not. I’ll keep playing with it.

Thing is, what matters most is that the app is playing all of the videos properly.

I’ll toss in my 1.7 cents here and say that for tv shows the naming conviction of “” works 99.5 of the time. Avoid any dashes and use periods for spaces and it seems to be about bulletproof.

Others may work but for me, the above is most reliable and requires the least amount of massaging the metadata later.

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Including the episode title shouldn’t matter, as long as the series name and season/episode info is placed before it.

Can you provide an example filename that is causing you problems so we can test it here?

Hey folks.
An update. I went back and renamed some of the problematic folders to correctly resemble the shows’ names. This seems to have fixed the problem.

For example “Stargate SG-1” was renamed to “Stargate SG1”. Apparently that “-” caused a coniption with Infuse.

So I’ve gone through the entire library and renamed the folders to what they should be like. So far, so good.

And the issue where half the library was displayed as folders (sort of like Windows Explorer) and the other half as thumbnails seems to be fixed. They are ALL now displayed as folders…

Go figure.

Anyway, these trivial matters aside, the app is working well. Have yet to find a video that it won’t play.

Thanks again, folks. The help has been appreciated.

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