No connection after upgrading to 1.5

I’m running AppleTV v4.4.4 and I upgraded to 1.5 of aTV Flash (black) last night via the Maintenance menu. Now I’m unable to connect to any services that require the internet. I check the Settings menu and I’m still getting a valid connection via the Ethernet port on the back, but no connection is regisering (Netflix, YouTube, connected drives via the Media menu, slideshows, etc). Help!

Are you using Overflow or have any of the native menus been hidden?

I’m not sure if I’m using Overflow. What is that? I do have a number of the original menus hidden.

Please try unhiding all the menus and see if the issue persists.

It appears to have been an unrelated issue. I unplugged my ethernet cable and setup wireless and it resolved the problem. I did try to re-enable all the hidden menus first and that didn’t do anything, but it appears to be a separate issue. Thank you for the assistance.