No circle (check mark) to fill in the video progress

No circle (check mark) to fill in the video progress (in list view).
There is space left on the left side of the file name, only empty.
Do you have any special settings for this, or are you simply missing out on newer versions?

TVOS15 Infuse 7.2.1 & 6.7

The good version:


This seems to work correctly for me here in 7.2.1 (with or without ‘show filenames’ enabled).

Is this affecting all files or just a few?

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you browsing through the Library or directly via folders?

It affects all files.
I browse directly in shared folders.
W10 and Linux shares.
I turned off the library feature a couple of weeks ago.
It doesn’t change again when it’s turned on again.
What could be the reason?

Deleting and reinstalling helped.

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Great! :slight_smile:

Thanks for following up.


Circle ON/OFF = Watched Indicators ON/OFF

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