No builds at TestFlight and e-mail removed

Hi, my TestFlight shows no builds for testing and my email was just removed from the forum, does anything happened ?
Best regards, Drauzio.

The beta list is reset every January, so all testers will need to reapply.

With regard to the forum, did you happen to originally sign up with a different email perhaps? The accounts on the site would not have been affected by this reset.

Same problem here. No email or code for beta. Previous version removed. Didn’t change email… Reapplied and received email for this forum and that’s it…

Hi guys, I’m using the same account on the site and on my ATV and my email was also removed from the TestFlight app.

And I can’t seem to find the forum post to re-apply for the beta testing program. Can someone please link the topic here so I could re-apply? Thanks!

I was beta-tester to, re-aplied multiple times but no succes…

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