No backups listed after upgrading??

Hi all, just upgraded to 5.1.1, the jailbreak process went smoothly, as did the install of ATVflash.

However when I went into the backups section to restore the backup I’d made before upgrading the firmware, there was nothing at all listed. I tried many times, none of my backups were there. And I specifically made sure to DO a backup before I upgraded my ATV.

Any thoughts on what’s going on or how to fix it?


Same Issue here… can’t access my backups I made under 4.4.4…

I have the same issue.  No backups show up after the upgrade.

Not a expert on this but I think if you upgrade from 4.4.4 to 5.1.1 it whips all data that is on your device to complete a clean upgrade.  If you have your Shsh saved to a computer I think that’s the only way you can go back to 4.4.4 if you wanted to. 

I don’t know if the backups are cross iOS version compatible. This something only firecore can answer.

I was able to find all of my backups including the one I just made today

If you’re having trouble accessing your backups please open a support ticket ( or PM me your Apple TV S/N, and we can look into what’s going on.