No auto restore from itunes when after prompted from seasonpass

I have the Apple TV 2 - followed the instructions and everything works great until the seasonpass prompts to allow iTunes to restore automatically.  I click YES and iTunes pops up, as it should, but does nothing.  I see on the screen Name:  Apple TV and below I see the restore button, with the text “If you are exper…”  There is no activity from iTunes.  I tried pressing the restore button and was told the restore was successful, but when I try and load aTV Flash it states that the Apple TV was not jailbroken.


Just had the same issue. You have to go through the process again and select the right IPSW at restoring.

In Itunes: Press shift (if Windows, please google for OSX) and click RESTORE. You can then choose the ISP you want. The right one can be found in …/my documents/Seas0nPass  (Windows).

But as you have flashed to original firmware, you have to go through the creation process again to get the ATV2 prepared before restoring.