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I must express my great disappointment after the purchase of your product. First there is no mention on the web site or in the pdf install docs of the incompatability of various USB keys. I spent practically a day before discovering on the fora that my 4Go was at fault.
Then today, having found another 512Mo key, I installed your patch on my AppleTV. It installed as described and I have lots of new options - exciting - but when I tried playing some of my music files, the silence is deafening. And manifestly the play mechanism is kaput because the standard AppleTV cursor does not advance at all.
And again, I learn from the fora that there are QuickTime incompatabilities!!
Now you admittedly have a difficult job coding your patch, but frankly I feel that I have paid for beta software which normally should only be sold when it is thoroughly tested. All the more difficult to understand after a glowing review (4.5 stars/5) in a French Mac magazine (November edition of “Vous et Votre Mac”).
You offer a money back guarantee. But I will be lenient: if I get a prompt response and perspective of an correction update, I will not ask for one. A personal response will be even better. You have my email. For the moment though I have reinitialised the AppleTV… that at least works.

The problems with some of the software unfortunately can not be changed by aTV Flash. When Apple released AppleTV 2.2, they changed some QT components that made some of the third party software included in the patch to not work. The developers are working on fixes for those programs to get 2.2 compatibility. The developers of aTV Flash can only currently make a patch that has the software that works with AppleTV 2.2. Unfortunately you came in just after Apple released this new firmware and many of the patch software that is out there all were affected by 2.2. I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t be frustrated, but just to be aware there are factors out of our control at the moment. :frowning:

Now onto fixing the problems. What type of music files are you tying to play? Let me know what other problems you are having and I’ll see if I can help. Also if you are really frustrated, there is a way to back to AppleTV 2.1 so you can use aTV Flash 3.3.1 with all the software included. It requires changing some files in the AppleTV and is not recommended to novice users, but there is a way if you feel good with using Unix. Sorry for your troubles, let’s see if we can help you out around here. :slight_smile:

The files I’m trying to play? the ordinary ones synked with my iTunes on main computer, ie from the standard AppleTV ‘Music’ menu. Ie. the standard functionality of AppleTV has been corrupted.