No audio using WMV files and AC3 pass-thru enabled

I'm new to ATV  Flash, but I'm pretty experienced with AppleTV, Mac's, WMV files, Flip4Mac, etc. I'm finding that if the AC3 pass-thru option is enabled, and I'm trying to play a .WMV movie, thre is no audio. Other formats like .MP4 work flawlessly.

The latest updates of Perian, MPLayer, Flip4Mac, etc. have all been applied.

Thus far, this is the only bug I've seen.



Which menu are you using to play the files?  How is your AppleTV connected to your AV receiver?

The audio of AppleTV is connected using the optical digital audio fiber-optic connection to my AV receiver. I'm using the "NitoTV>Files" menu to access the files. Other non-WMV files selected using this menu play fine.

Having had a chance to look thru the forum here more thoroughly, it's obvious that the inability to play WMV files with AC3 pass-thru enabled seems to be a long-standing issue with ATV Flash. I've found reports from others going back from 2008 and as recently as this month.



Hmmmm... I just found out that if I use Sapphire app to watch the .WMV videos, the audio comes thru with AC3 pass-thru enabled. That's interesting...

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