No "Audio Output" settings on V6? Is that correct?

On V5, there was the option of “Auto” or “Passthrough” in the Audio Out options but I notice this is not available on V6. Is this correct? How does it handle the audio DTS HD? My amp (Sony STR-DN1080) is just showing LPCM.

I am using an ATV 4K.

Apple killed passthrough post tvOS 11.3. The option was removed because it didn’t do anything anymore and was confusing end users.

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How is the audio handled? Will my amp always just show LPCM?

Yes, since LPCM is an uncompressed (lossless) format, you will always get the best quality available to you.

A bit more info on how this works can be found here.

got my answer.

You would need to use a version earlier than 11.3, but AFAIK Apple does not allow the tvOS software to be downgraded.

Thanks James.

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