No audio or video on some apps in boxee

Hey all,

I installed the adobe flash as instructed. I am able to use some apps in boxee successfully, but some not. Any help would be appreciated.


Looks like the forum is dead.I am facing the same problem and feels like being cheated by aTV flash product, specially when there are free similar products are available & heard flash on boxee is working fine there.

Some videos in Boxee will require Adobe Flash to be installed. We have a guide for doing this here:

This step is required for Adobe Flash in Boxee no matter how it was installed.

@guardianmax: I had followed the same procedure.Installed coraudiokit followed by flash 10 install from maintenance menu.Yet no success.
Boxee opens up a Youtube video page with related videos, comments etc…however I see a large white blank spot in place of the video.

Thanks !

I followed the same instructions. I am now attempting to get another copy of CoreAudioKit.framework an attempt it again.