No Audio (on some media files)

Okay, this is a bit weird, but hopefully fixable (without a refresh).

I have two ATV2s on the same iOS (5.0.2) and the same current update of Media Player.  Both Media Players have worked great up until last night.  I have not changed any of the seetings (that I know of) in recent history.  One of my ATV2s is having no issue, the other started not playing audio for recent files added to the NAS.  I have restarted the ATV both from within settings and via the power cord.  Regardless of the number of times doing this, I can’t get the audio for several new files to play.  Those same files are playing fine on the other ATV (and computer, etc…).  I think most are .mkv, but can’t be certain this is the rule.

Now, with XBMC, those same files play fine.  So that rules out audio connections to whatever speaker system I am using (both are audio via optical).

Any thoughts?  What additional information do you need?


The exact same thing happened to me and I have no idea why. 

All help would be greatly appreciated.

I ended up “fixing” mine by deselecting the Dolby Digital AC3 Audio in the settings.  I only had to do this on one of the ATV2s as the other still plays the files fine.  Not sure why one requires it and not the other.  Possibly due to the speaker setup?  The one in question uses a Samsung sound bar (via optical) and the one the working ATV uses an older Sony Home Theater System (via optical).

Regardless, all the files are playing audio now (as far as I can tell).

Thank you so much for replying; that seems to have done the trick at my end as well but I had to disable all the other ones (DTS, etc). I’m not sure why it stopped working all of a sudden considering they had always been on previously and audio was just fine.

Regardless, I’m happy it’s back :wink:

Thank you once again and happy holidays!

Same here :frowning: Will try your option and see what happens.

HappY HolidaYs!! :slight_smile: