No Audio on Nito TV videos

just finished setting up atvflash and nitotv on my apple tv… i have no audio on my avi videos, if i play the videos that were put on via itunes there is volume, if i play through nito tv off my usb hard drive there is no volume.  My apple tv says the volume is really low and to turn down my tv.  i can not find any volume setings to adjust.


I have installed smart installer, mplayer codecs, flip4mac. i have tried turning on AC3 pass through aswell.  anytips on getting this to work?





edit: this can be deleted, seems to have been a problem with remotehd and my iphone.

What did you do to fix it?! I ran into this same problem and it’s driving me!

If you are using remote hd with an iPhone make sure that your phone is not on silent (vibrate) mode when you start remote hd

I’m using my iPad but i tried to change it with my iPhone too! I hate this software.


to be honest, i gave up on using remote hd and went back to using the actual Apple TV remote… it wasnt worth the hassle.