No audio after pausing

When I pause the video on Infuse on iPad and then resume a few seconds/minutes later, the audio does not come back. I need to rewind 10 seconds for the audio to start working again.

Happens regardless of audio output (AirPods/iPad speaker, Bluetooth speaker).

Any suggestions?

What version number of Infuse and what iPadOS version number?

Does it happen on all videos or just repeatably on a few?

Infuse 7.7.7

Happens on all videos but not all the time. I would say it happens about 8/10 times.

Had it happening on my iPad as well, not on my iPhone as I just tried that out.

Will do some more testing tonight when I’m home on both devices.

Running latest Infuse Testfligt build, 7.7.3 (4785).

You may want to update to the latest release version of 7.7.7 instead of the testflight build.