No aTV Flash menu after install

I just reinstalled aTV Flash on a 2nd gen aTV (version 5.3)

Jailbreak (new dowload from the firecore site) went okay, tethered boot dito. Installing the Flash software did the job too, including the ‘Succesfull’ message. No errors seen.

However, after the reboot the original Apple menu was still there. No aTV Flash.

Any idea what I did wrong? I did this before with this aTV without any problems.


Found i. I looked at the wrong place … :(

Had the same problem. Just because I forgot, that this is a TWO STEP work:


a) FIRST do the Jeailbreak with Seas0nPass. Your settings menu will be a red “FC” logo. But this is only the Jailbreak, not the Extras!

b) SECOND Start the aTV Flash software and get the Extra Software. Done :slight_smile:



hi i have the fire core logo still in place of my settings logo now for over a month  nito isnt installed and i just bought the atv black software and it will not load on my apple tv 2   its running on 5.0.2   it did install on my other atv2 running the same software except that one has nito installed   any ideas  

What happens when you try and install ATV Flash?  

Note that doing so will remove the FireCore logo, but you should then get the Maintenance app for installing/updating the other parts of ATV Flash.

if i install flash on my atv marked 2 first then download on the one  i have marked 1 will both get the download complete screen and the #2 atv has flash while the #1 does not    if i just try to download it in the #1 atv first it i get a a error screen that says this program quit unexpectedly