No Atmos no DolbyVision 6 Pro?

How do I have the 5 Pro and should pay another 26 € for the update to 6 Pro? For what? It does not work DTS HD no Atmos no DolbyVision and only PCM! For 26 ¬ there’s an Android box from China that can do all this. Sorry since Infuse has done for me.

Did your Infuse Pro 5 stop working??? NO… so you do not HAVE to… you are a big boy, you decide alone, what you want to do. :wink:

But I’m very interested… what is this 26$ Chinese box which can play Dolby Vision movie from my NAS??? I though that, at this time, NOBODY was able to rip the Dolby Vision Stream…

They are able to rip Dolby Vision. Just download a full uhd bluray with Dolby Vision. As far as I know the only devices able to play them via network are the oppo bluray players. I read about a Chinese media player which uses the oppo FW. That should have all the playback possibilities the oppo has. But it is alot more then 26€.

Thanks, indeed the Dolby Vision is lost for now in the Bluray Remux but not the complete rip.
I have an Android box able to read Dolby Atmos and DTS-X but it was 150$ and no Dolby Vision.

I have stopped using Infuse on my ATV 4K because it can’t handle Dolby Atmos from my ripped Blurays on my NAS. I know it is Apples fault and they will probably never let that happen.
For my ripped Blurays I use an Shield TV with Kodi. Works great and watching a movie with Atmos gives an extra movie experience.

But darn kodi does not do dolby vision either

Yeah I only use infuse for regular blu-ray. If you can’t have Atmos or Dolby vision without sacrifices what’s the point in ripping
4K blu-ray? Either stream from iTunes or whatever, or get a 4K Blu-ray player.