No Applications in NitoTV List


i create the Stick with Mac. No problems. Begin 12/16/2008
… and FireFox work…

My Friend work with Windows and create the Stick with Windows for his ATV.
He start today (new user)
Today he call me with Skype.
In his NitoTV-List is NO Applications-Pont and No Weathe-Point. Why? He create wit Win-Version an Vista)
He want to work with FireFox.
He create the Stick (last Version) today 3x.
He is confused and reset the AppleTV (Factory-Reset)
Start new + Update + Patchstick BUT No ApplicationsPoint.

He need Help but i dont know.

Sorry about my English.

If the Applications menu does not appear it can be enabled through the nitoTV → Settings → Categories menu.