No Apple TV devices found.

Hi, I jailbroke my apple tv 2 no problem. But now that it is jailbroken I run aTV Flash (Black) Beta 4 and it says no apple tv devices found. I'm running windows, if that makes a difference. I can ssh into the apple tv so I know the jailbreak worked.

you might want to reboot if you have not tried.
What JB did you use, iOS, and is this wired or wifi?

same problem, jailbroken with last Seas0nPass versione, home sharing and air play enabled on apple tv but aTV flash black doesn't detect the device!!!!

I was running version 4.2.1 which is technically version 4.3 I geuss. I jailbroke it with the latest version of season pass which worked great, I tether booted it and set up wifi. Wifi worked great I could ssh into it and everything. Went to run the flash black install and it does not detect a device. I am having Alot of issues with it. I then back tracked the software to 4.1.1 which is 4.2.1 I geuss? Once it was at 4.1.1 I tried jailbreaking with green pois0n rc6 and it finishes succesful but I get no green pois0n in the menu. One thing I have been reading though is you are suppose to disconnect the power cord when jailbreaking with green pois0n, so I'm going to try that at a later date.