"no Apple TV devices could be found" CANNOT install

Trying to install whatever you sell on my Apple TV 2.  It’s jailbroken with seas0npass.  Latest iTunes.  Airplay enabled.  Sharing enabled in iTunes.  When you say connected to network, I assume you mean the internet.  The Apple TV 2 is connected with ethernet.  Somehow my Mac is trying to communicate with the Apple TV 2 right while I’m trying to install this?   Well is is NOT working.  I don’t know how to have the mac and TV 2 online simultaneously.  IS there another way or am I doing something wrong?  I cannot install your product.

I having the same problem as many of the people who purchase the software ,my apple tv is jb with  seas0npass with the last itunes, airplay is enable ,homesharing is enable,i have turn off my firewall ,uninstall my antivirus and yet to get the software install on my apple tv 2

mines the same its really doimg my head in any ideas out there?


I looked around on the internet some and it looks like I need Wifi instead of ethernet to install their browser.  If that is the case then there was no reason for me to buy this product.  Does anyone from firecore monitor this site?   They will have to give me something I can download with a USB cable like what they did with their jailbreak.  I have had no response from customer service.

I have to say that customer service is bad so far and I am close to requesting a refund.


No idea what gave you the idea you need WiFi. What you need is an active Internet connection - and that can be WiFi or wired (Ethernet). If anything a wired connection is better as it tends to be faster.

The same applies to installing any application on the ATV2 - not just the browser.

well i had mine installed then the  atv crashed so had to do a reboot in itunes,now trying to reinstall and i wont have any of it ,rebroken the atv everything is on what should be then i run atv flash and it wont find the atv just ask me to put my ip adress then it still cant find it.do you think its a jailbreak problem or atvflash ? also is it a one time install with atv flash will i have to pay for this again?

I finally got mine install, 1) leave the apple tv plug into the tv (2) on xp in the run type cmd and press enter ,a black screen is going to come up type ping space and the apple tv ip address and press enter (3) go back to the ATV flash black and run the program again it should show the ip address in ATF flash program