No Airport after Install of ATV Black b2

Jailbreak went fine (as long as I did it on something other than a MBP to avoid the iTunes 1600 error).  I then installed the ATV Black b2 dmg without an issue.  After I restarted, the ATV Black no longer has wireless.  It sees the Airport Extreme, but won't connect to it.  Any suggestions?


I had similar issues, to enumerate.  Installing first time did absolutely nothing.  I re-did seas0npass from the beginning and after a tethered boot I had no wireless.  Third time was the charm.  Make sure to delete the IPSW that seas0npass creates for you each time to make sure you truly are starting over.  After that it took two installs of aTV black before I finally got the maintenance menu..

All in all, advice, try two or three times before giving up.