No airplay appletv

Updated ipad gen 1 to ios 10.2.1 and now appletv gen2 will not play networked
videos. Message - An error occurred loading content. All other apps work on
airplay. Also chromecast on infuse works as well. Please fix.

iPad Gen 1 only supports iOS version up to iOS 5.1.1 so there must be something wrong with your question…

Ipad air generation 1 wont play to apple tv with 10.2.1 my iphone 7 plus with 10.2.1 plays okay. My ipad mini gen 1 with older software plays okay to apple tv. The iphone 4s plays okay. Just the ipad air gen 1 does not play. I see it start on the tv then the error occurs every time. Will try to send the log later today. Was gone for the weekend. Thanks.

Just redownloaded infuse pro 4.3.6 and it plays video to my appletv gen 2 just fine. But even with the new infuse pro 5.2.1 the videos still do not play from ipad air gen 1 to applatv gen 2.