No Additional Plugins showing

All of the installation went fine. Media , Browser, nitoTV, XBOC/Boxee, Maintenance, Settings all showing.

But when I go to Maintenance/Manage Plugins …All the standard plugins are there but no additional plugins

showing at all. Therefore nothing is workings to go to the next stage. What should I do now?


I did go and reformat the driver and reinstall everything all over again, but to no avail




Like Grady, I seemingly got most things to install correctly and I’ve used aTV with much glee. However, I have no “extras” and when I go to the Install Extras menu, it shows only the title and nothing happens. When I then hit the button to return to the main menu, it shows an error and reboots the AppleTV. 

As a side note, I have transferred some files to my AppleTV via FTP but now when I try it again, it doesn’t work and it’s seemingly at the aTV end.