No acces to external drive

After updating to 3.5.1 I can no longer access my external USB drive through nitoTV. I can access the drive through Boxee. What’s going on? Is that a known issue with 3.5.1 or is it just me?

You don’t seem to be the only one having this problem. I haven’t installed 3.5.1, but will see if I have the problems too.

Thank you for your prompt response. Please let us know as soon you figure out what is going. Thanks!

I have had the same problem. The latest apple update nuked the ability to connect via AFP to my networked Hard Drives. Very frustrating. NitoTv just crashes the finder when I try to mount a network drive. I’ve done a complete restore/reinstall to no avail.

its a bug in nitotv i guess.
Anyway…go to network and add a share.
Once nitotv has looked for a share (even when it does not exist) you should be able to see your HD under files.

there is a solutions?

I update todady system 2.3.1 e aTVflash 3.5.2 and I do not find the drive in the movie folder when connect via AFP to my networked Hard Drives.