No AC3 on Sapphire but fine in NitoTV

Ok this is driving me mad :x

I have set the AC3 passthru flag in both Sapphire and NitoTV as well as trying all combinations of one off the other on etc.

However with movies I’ve purchased from ITunes (there are only a few thankfully) I only get either Stereo when played via Sapphire with the Sapphirer AC3 flag off or no sounnd at all with it on.
However the same files play with full AC3 via NitoTV

All my other movies (m4v rips of DVD etc) play perfectly

I’m new to this software but I thought Sapphire used the NItoTV player anyway and just provided a nice (very nice in my view) interface
Tried XBMC but I that won’t even play these files because of the DRM ITunes has added.

Any suggestions.

Turn on Dolby Digital in the AppleTV’s settings. This is the relevant setting for content purchased from the iTMS and Sapphire does not fiddle with this setting for good reason.

Already Done that

Anyone got any other ideas ?

I have found that it is definitely down to the file format in Sapphire that allows AC3 Dolby Digital 5.1. I have downloaded files from the net that don’t work and others that do - all these files claim to be 5.1.

I have found that using Visual Hub on the mac to rip files in AppleTV 5.1 format seems to work almost all of the time - it creates .mov files in 5.1 that you can view perfectly in Sapphire.

Hope this helps.