Nitro will not recognise .avi or .mpeg4 files

I am new to ATVflash so please excuse my ignorance. I downloaded and upgraded (i wonder if Apple agree) my ATV to run ATVFlash today but cannot get it to recognise any files. I have a 500GB WD HDD connected to the usb port and have run the file so i can see the drive in Nitro but am getting an error message telling me not files with recognisable suffixes are seen. the drive is Fat32 formatted and setup with the directory structure MY Media /Movies and MY Media/TV Shows (Wasnt sure whether this was completely necessary but followed the example video to the letter when it originally would recognise the drive at all.


I would appreciate some help please

Is the drive visible in the nitoTV files menu?

If not, you may try restarting the AppleTV, and reconnecting the hard drive after the AppleTV main menu appears.

yes the ATV can see the drive in Nitro but when selected in nitro it reports that it cannot see any files even though it should at this stage just show the Movies or TV SHows directories i guess. it says not files with recongnisable suffixes exist

Hmm ok. When the drive is viewed in nitoTV --> Files, does it show the drive info in the lower left-hand corner (size, format, available space, etc...)?