NitoTV works very well with SMB but question "Custom Path"?

Hello !

I hacked my Apple TV (latest updade) with the latest ATVFlash. Everything works well !!! Thanks !!! NitoTV stream very well the “Movies” folder of my Mac to the AppleTV (i used this tutorial : ).

Thanks to ATVFlash to make this hack so easy to use !!!

But know i would like to stream my “1GB LACIE USB HardDrive” from my Mac to my AppleTV. For that, i think ta i need to use the “custom path” in the “Manual Share Points” but i don’t know what i have to insert in the “mountLocation” :wink:

Here is, in attachment, a print screen of my desktop where we can see my USB HDD. His name is “Films”.

[attachment=0]Image 1.png[/attachment]

Thanks a lot !!!

Streaming from an external hard drive connected to your Mac would be done in the same way as streaming from the Movies folder. You would simply setup a second ‘Manual Share Point’ for the external drive.

The ‘Custom Path’ option is only used if you want to specify a folder within the external drive.

Thak you very much but witch “volume path” can i insert for my USB HDD ? His name is “Films” ?

Thx !