NitoTV won't install from maintenance menu

 I'm having a problem installing NitoTV from the Maintenance menu. It was working fine from both of my Apple TV's and I noticed an update was available.

I clicked on the update but the install failed and told me the menu would exit in 5 seconds. I've had the same problem on 2 ATV's now.

I'm running v4.2 of maintenance and everything else is up to date. Any ideas anyone?

 I have sort of a similar thing.  Somewhere in the last batch of updates Nito TV was updated successfully, but somehow got listed in Maintenance as "Not Installed."  

It's there and works fine.  Everything else is up to date.  When I try to reinstall Nito TV I get the same "Install Failed" message you've described.  Running the Smart Installer again changes nothing.

I haven't gotten too worked up about it since everything seems to be working normally.  I'm hoping that the next update will straighten it out.


The guys at ATV notified me of a new ATV download. I made a new patch stick and reinstalled and now everything is OK.

I didn't need to set up and data again, just did the core install from the patch stick and everything came back OK.

i have the same problems but it is the same with both nito & the maintainance menu


what is the solution  ?



Your may try re-installing aTV Flash 4.2.1 using a USB flash drive. The 4.2.1 version can be found under the 'Downloads' tab in your account.