NitoTV wont connect to networks

Hi i followed the directions on the wiki to the letter and im still getting an error when i try to connect to a share network something like 1069 error=no server exists. ive read all over the place about a million different ways to fix it and none of it works. any suggestions?

Yep, me too.
I’ve tried searching high and low on these forums for an answer but it seems like when one person has a solution, it doesn’t work for many others.
I’m on a Mac and have no problems accessing shared folders from them but only from ATV.
I’m ever hopeful for a fix.

I just upgraded ATV to 2.4 and installed Flash 3.6.1 and I also cannot connect to the network drive that I have been for 6 months previously. I get the error 1069. I have had Flash since Sep. 08 and love it. Hope we resolve this soon so I can go back to watching my shows.

I thought the SmartInstaller automatically set up the afp and smb but apparently it didn’t. I followed the instructions provided by ATVFlash in the link below and I am now back in business.

…just bought aTV Flash and cant connect to networks. I get a “network mount fail” with lots of error codes… is not an option since I dont have a ATV that originally came with the 1.0 Apple TV software.

any other solution?

Try restarting your apple tv I was having the same errors get tell me if that works…

i would really like to get this working as well!

i have a v1 apple TV
latest 10.5 os x running on computers

i followed the directions to a T…
did the terminal thing:

then ran the smart installer

i STILL get the:
“error-1069 = No servers at that address”

I am getting problems reconnecting to SMB shares. All OK if you do a hard reset, but I don’t want to do that every time… will do some further investigation to prove if it ‘is’ the ATV going into standby that causes this problem…


I also have a problem with Nito TV not connecting to my mediaserver a DNS 313.

When I use XBMC the DNS 313 is found when I choose Windows SMB and all media is playing fine. When I try to setup Nito TV, the networks fails to setup. I have tried using both the SMB and the NFS setting. The NFS settings seems to work becaus no error occurs but the actual mount takes more than 60 seconds. When I go to the Nito TV files menu I can see my network volume but when I try to access it nothing happens.

Any ideas?

Same issues as you guys, i just bought my AppleTV and the aTV Flash, can’t get the network streaming to work, followed all instructions, tried all the AFP hacks, nothing. I get errors via SMB or AFP, every time.

I’ve tried multiple computers, users, settings. So it’s either I’m missing a step or there’s an issue with the software.

Any ideas or tricks not mentioned above that could help me?


I keep finding posts on this issue without any clear answers and it seems that many people are experiencing that same challenges…

Is AFP Access a feature limited to an early release of ATV? If not how do you setup streaming from a network attached Mac?



Same here. No more AFP. Every thing I try fails. The frustrating thing is that AFP was working splendidly in the previous version of ATV Flash. :frowning:

+1 here. I’ve probably tried entering my Network and Volume info 10 different ways 20 times each and I get an error every time. Interestingly, I cannot connect to a network source via XBMC either. My only saving grace at this point has been Boxee, which connects just fine to all of my network drives, so I know it’s possible, but NitoTV just won’t do it. I wish someone had an answer to this. Any suggestions?


I solved the problem by not using a proper address for Volume Path…
For instance - Instead of
just use
If you provide a proper path it chokes…
Also it is case sensitive…

Hope this helps,

Hi I have installed nito tv with a flash stickThe install was a success I think and I set up a ‘recovery’ file thing on the nito using its smart installer. I was told this would allow me to access my computers on the network.But I am having all sorts of issues. I have a drobo attached to a macmini via usb. The mini is on the network.Infact everything is hardwired no wireless.
So I select network then add manual mount. I put my details in and did it via SMB, SMB is enabled on my mac mini.
The first time round it worked and I can see the drobo and navigate it. fantastic!The second time after the mini has been to sleep and re awakened. the drobo will not mount saying 'socket is not connected’Nothing I do gets this back, I restarted the mini, the drobo and the appletv.In the network menu of nitotv I can see all my computers in the bonjour list, if I attempt to connect to any of them either as guest or as registered at most I get an error code stating there were no servers found (?) and at worse the apple logo appears as the thing has crashed.If I try and manually mount with AFP it results in a crash.any ideas?