NitoTV what do use it for?

I have installed via Maintenance  menu but can not find any use for it? The options are install software which none ever show up, Weather, RRS feeds, settings and About. I am a UK resident is this Nito TV not for our market? or am i missing some setting to change as I really can not see the point of it for just weather and RRS feeds.

How do you use it?

Here’s for anyone who comes across this post.

I am also confused about Nito TV.?. I installed it as the site documentation states that it’s need for a NAS connection. However, I’m not seeing the additional selections in the menu to access the NAS device on my Mac Network. Can someone provide some guidance?


NITO TV hugggghh.  What is it good for absolutely nada.  say it again.  From a song called war.

And just try to unsinstall NITO TV if you find you can not use it.  have to do it via SSH into the box and manually removing it.  Yuck!!  Never again. 

I did remove it. The media player has proven sufficient for my needs. I was just playing with the various additions available with the software and really couldn’t figure Nito TV out.

Thanks for your response. :)