nitoTV vs. Media Player...

I am fairly new at all this Jail Broken Apple TV thing…I have a 2nd gen Apple TV and have been browsing this forum. 

I am curious as to what is the difference between Media player and NitoTV.  Most of my movies and video viewing are from ripped DVDs collection (about 100 movies on 4TB).

Do I have to have both Media and NitoTV install to view my DVD files?  Can someone please explain the difference between the two?  I was thinking of not installing NitoTV.

Thank you.


What format do you have them ripped as? I have only media player installed and have my DVDs as .mp4 using handbrake. Works excellent, no need to install nitotv or xmbc… I prefer media player over both of them for this type of use.

All my DVDs are ripped to Video TS folders and VOB files.  

You do not need to install nitoTV. It in itself does not offer any payback capability.

It is typically used by those who want to use it as a way of installing other apps that are not produced by FireCore. At the moment many of these are not compatible with 5.2 firmware anyway so the value of nitoTV is limited at he moment.

Thank you for the clarification.