NitoTV & Surround


I just bought and installed ATV Flash and it’s great, but I can’t seem to get AC3 to work.

My Apple TV is connected to my Sony Amp via optical and the amp supports DTS, Dolby Digital, etc, but when I enable AC3 passthrough in the Mplayer menu and under maintenance I just get a buzz type sound when playing AC3 movies.

It works through XBMC, but I would rather use NitoTV if I can.

Is there somethingni am doing wrong?


Great to see so much support for a paid product.

I am now not even able to get sound from ac3 movies with the ac3 turned off. It just makes the buzz sound.

Can someone help out with this?


Sorry for the trouble. What type of files are you attempting to play when the issue occurs?

I'm new to aTV Flash as well.  I transferred my first DVD movie to the ATV using HandBrake and CyberDuck.  The file is .mkv format.  It plays in NitoTV but there is no audio.  It plays in XBMC with audio.  That tells me the file was encoded properly.  I must not have something setup properly, but I followed all the install instructions to the letter.  I want to have an extremely easy to use process so my family can watch the movies (wife and house full of daughters!).  Everything I've read indicates that NitoTV is the way to go for ease of use for my purposes.  Thanks in advance for any assistance


ATV 1G 160GB with aTV Flash