nitotv, subtitles?

So, finaly I got everything working: Using Nito-tv, streaming from my Nas DS109, playing divx and ISO and showing covers… Everythings fine, except when watching DIVX movies, I can’t seem to control the size of the subtitles? They are way too big, also too much in the middle of the screen instead at the bottom. I use Quicktime, since fast forwarding is buggy in mplayer and is much smoother using Quicktime. Using mplayer I can control the subtitles (in settings) but using Quicktime I have no control, and they are just too big, it’s not a pleasure watching a movie :?
So, anyone got any ideas? I’ve tried to find a solution but so far without luck. I would be most greatfull for some help, making my setup almost perfect!
Using XBMC or BOXEE is not an option, they are too heavy and Nito-tv is really all I need :slight_smile:

What resolution is your AppleTV set to? (Settings → Audio/Video → TV Resolution menu)

Right now 1080p, and I’ve tried 720p… it makes no difference :?