nitoTV Streams not working

Talked to support about this issue but atm they have no answer. Everytime I attempt to run Streams from nitoTV it just blanks the screen for about 10 seconds, flashes the apple logo, then returns me back to the Stream Manager menu. This only happens to video streams (, SlamTV, and KPCC Simulcast and KROQ-HD2 works fine with audio. I have switched from different playmode (mplayer, QuickTime, and Mixed) and still the same problem. I have also updated nitoTV and that didn’t help.

Any input will be appreciated.

Im getting the same luck here as my emails to support. I just got an email after 3 days that a new nitoTV will be released soon but I have a strong feeling this is not going to address my issues with streaming since as far as I can tell, this is for issues with the latest ATV 2.3.1 bugs.

Does ATV Flash support ever respond to this forum? They are not answering a couple issues i have emailed them and posted here. My 15 days is almost done and I am about to request for a refund due to the quality or none existent tech support from aTV Flash.

aTV Flash staff: Please respond

Can you post one of the streams here so I can test it out on my box. Apologies for not responding earlier, I’ve been in and out lately on the forum.

This only happens to video streams: