NitoTV sound ok, ATV Files not!

I’ve never seen this before.

I’m using the newest ATVFlash 3.4.3. I tried to play an .avi file on a shared volume using ATV Files. The file plays fine on a Mac directly. The video was fine, but the sound was like a ratchet, no audio at all. I tried moving it to the ATV. Same ratchet noise instead of a sound track.

While I didn’t expect a difference, I tried to play it with NitoTV. Sound track is fine there!

Anyone else seen this? I don’t recall the versions of NitoTV and ATV Files that come with 3.4.3…I’ll check to see if there are updates for either.

I’ve seen the same problem. I think it might be a missing plugin or something. I installed Perian from the install software menu and it worked fine in Nito Tv but still doesn’t work in files. Somebody please help.

You may try switching off the AC3 passthrough option in the ATV FIles settings menu. This probably will solve the issue.