nitoTV smb shares connect but are invisible in the ATV menus

Hi all,

I have created a mount in nitoTV called “dvd” which connects to an smb share named “dvd” where, you guessed it, I store my DVD files. When I click to mount the share in nitoTV menu, the share connects, but the share name does not appear in the menu.

I know the share connects because I connected with puTTY to my atv and browsed the /mnt/Scratch/Volumes directory and I can see the directory called ‘dvd’ there and can see the folders and files under it.

So, using the command line I created a new directory and mounted the same smb share, and that one appears just fine in the ATV menu. Hmm. So, why doesn’t the share in the ‘dvd’ directory appear?

Is there some place where share names are cached in the nitoTV configs? It just feels to me like there’s some old share called ‘dvd’ that is blocking the visibility to my new ‘dvd’ share and needs to be deleted/cleared.

Any help appreciated.