nitoTV -> Settings -> Streams

Hi all,

Does anyone know anything about this or has had success in setting up a video stream?

My NAS server is running TwonkyMedia UPnP server and I am just wondering if this nitoTV video streaming option could pick this up and what it’s capabilities are?

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That is a good question, I’m not familiar with that UPnP service. I think the stream has to be a RSS feed, but I’m not 100% on that. Let me look into that and see what is possible.

I would be interested in this too because none of the streams whcih are pr-added with the atv flash installation work. Would be awesome to watch video streams with the atv

Hey—Iv’e had some success at getting the streams section of Nito TV to work. Doing so is dependant on whether your computer browser opens a new stream in it’s own Quicktime window. If it does --you can use the Movie inspector >under Tools --I think , to get the rstp:// or mms:// address -----and then manually load it in Nito TV. I’ve had sucess doing this at —It’s all International --and from wat I’ve seen the European Channels have a great bit rate to them (France , England, Scandinavia) —Some good north American channels to.
Nito TV seems to be a little bugged so If you load a 100 streams ( despite the fact you don’t have rechargeable batteries for your remote) and YOU LOSE CONTROL because Apple TV catches a cold --YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. section 11.5 Michael Jackson Breen --over