NitoTV playing DVD file screen goes black & hangs ATV

Newbie to Nito TV so might be doing something wrong but…
I have just ripped a dvd using Ripit and then copied the 7 gig in files it to my Apple TV. Found the file in NitoTV went to play it and the screen very quickly flashes up the Apple logo then goes black. The only way i can get the ATV back up is to switch it off at the mains. tried it a few times still no good.
Also does anyone know of a ripper that does movie only i really don’t need to waste 3gig on menus on every film i keep backed up !! Does not have to be free as long as it works !! I used DVD-Cloner on windows which is excellent so something like that for the mac would be great.

Have you run the Smart Installer yet? It will improve the DVD playback experience, and should solve any issues you are having.

RipIt only rips the full disc. Mac the Ripper will allow you skip the menus and special features.

Just got it working !!
not sure how.
now all i need to do is to work out how to set it up to stream from the MAC.
Currently working my way through streaming setup help file
Says Mount Missing so i assume i’m not pointing it in the right direction
I have put in just “Movies” under the volume path as thats where i store the movies.
Any hints?

Check out the guide at:

There are 2 parts.

  1. Enable streaming location on the Mac.
  2. Setup share point to stream to the Apple TV.

Managed to get it working, changed setting to SMB instead of AFP.

now i can see all files on my Mac but still when i go to play a DVD folder the screen goes black and hangs the ATV so i’m back to original problem !! DOH!

Seems to work fine with ISO files :slight_smile: so i’ll stick to using those

most types of files now seem to play OK but ISO files are the only ones that do not play all choppy sometimes stopping for a few seconds then carrying on. I have tried a couple of things mentioned in other posts i.e dvd playback type and also extending playback cache time.
Any more ideas i can try?

Unfortunately ISO files are not officially supported by the Apple TV or aTV Flash. We recommend ripping your DVDs into a VIDEO_TS (VOB) format. This will provide the best playback experience.

Sorry i did not explain very well on last post. ISO files are the only ones that will work.
All other formats including VOBs do play back but are so choppy i cannot watch them. Sometimes stopping for up to 5 seconds.
I would really like to get Video_TS files to play properly if possible.

Quote are you streaming over a wired or wireless network? DVD streaming requires a fair amount of bandwidth, and this can be somewhat unreliable over a wireless network.

What type of router do you have? Switching to a 5GHz frequency may help streaming DVDs.

The ATV is wirelessly connected via a Dlink 451 which only runs at 2.4Ghz.
The ATV plays MP4 videos fine via normal playback via ATV app. I only seem to get problems when using Nito.