NitoTV performing slow

Hi everybody,

I have the ATV for almost 2 years now. ATV Flash for 1.5 years.


Up until the end of november 2010 everything was working fine. After that I have noticed that everytime I try to run either a DVD image or any media file from NitoTV the ATV will hang for about 30seconds and then loads and plays everything fine.

I have the suspicion that the wmv codec may be malfuctioning. But there is no more update for it. I have the 4.2.1 updtae of ATVflash.

when I try to play the same files from Boxee or XBMC it will jump out of the respective program with an error and "Hit Menu button to return to menu".


If anyone knows the sollution for this please let me know. This is really frustrating. Especially when you want to play several files one after the other.


Thank you.


Happy Holidays,



am having a similar problem. starting running slowly a day ago. restarted several times and the problems persisted, now when atv starts up i cannot scroll past the 'INTERNET' item in the menu bar. it tells me an error occurred and i should press play/pause to restart. pressing that button does nothing so i have to power down and restart or use the remote buttons to force quit. diagnostics tells me the box is working fine. I imagine i need to update but the box crashes before i can access that menu item. suggestions please...

if all else fails i guess i can factory restore the box and re-install atv. seems a bit worky though....

Your best option may be to download the latest version of aTV Flash (4.2.1) and re-install using a USB flash drive.

In essence this will act as a clean install, and should clear up any issues you are having.