nitoTV Paused DVD Crash When TV Turned Off / On

Having issues with nitoTV crashing on DVD playback from VIDEO_TS file through attached USB drive when the playback is paused and then the TV is cycled off and then on.  Hangs at black screen and won't come back unless do a hard reset.

Of note, if you are on the DVD menu (i.e., not playing the actual DVD movie), it comes back OK.  Also, if the DVD is _playing_ (i.e., not paused), it comes back OK.  It's just if the movie is paused that it won't come back.

Tried messing with some of the settings (mPlayer Resume, Safe Display Startup), but no luck.

Also tried on 2 other TV's (one other Bravia and an older LG 1080i model with same results

My Setup:

  • aTV Flash 4.1.5
  • nitoTV 0.9.4 / 0.9.5
  • TV: Sony Bravia KDL-46W4100 connected to Apple TV via HDMI in 1080p mode

Anyone experiencing similar issue?  Any fixes / workarounds (other than not turning off TV, of course)?


 This seems to be a HDMI 'handshake' issue that is present on some TVs.  It's something that is currently being looked into.