nitoTV or XBMC - opinions?

I’ve been using nitoTV since I started using ATV Flash a year ago. But with the latest release, I also installed XBMC and started playing with that. I have a lot of video_ts movies on an external drive - so that’s what I primarily use my AppleTV for.

What do people think of nitoTV vs XBMC? Plusses/minuses of each?

I used NitoTV for quite awhile before trying XBMC. I prefer the XBMC interface and options. It seems much more stable. I still have times when I try to fast forward or reverse in NitoTV and it crashes the AppleTV finder. However, it seems to have one plus and it could be my ignorance. I record in EyeTV and covert to m4v format and watch using NitoTV or XBMC. NitoTV displays the subtitles and I can’t get XBMC to display the EyeTV captured subtitles. I have subtitles turned on but I think it’s intended for .srt files and not the way EyeTV stores subtitles (closed captions) from TV.

I like Boxee better than both. If I had to choose nitoTV over XBMC I would choose XBMC. The only thing I don’t like is that you cannot organize your media into categories… or if you can I haven’t figured out how yet.
Currently all of my media is separated into directories. For example:

I wish I could view my media that way instead of having to scroll through all of my content to find the video I want. I can do that with nitoTV using “Files” but I don’t like the interface. Also Boxee and XBMC allow you to play with alot of applications and streaming content that nitoTV doesn’t. I like being able to play “Pandora” for example through Boxee. Cant do that with nitoTV.

Hope that helps a bit.

In checking out the XBMC web site forum, I did come across a statement that it does not support Closed Caption, which as I mentioned I record on EyeTV. These do display on NitoTV. Do they display on Boxee as well?

I have media organized in folders on a Shared computer drive and both NitoTV (using Files) and XBMC can navigate the Mac folder’s on the Shared drive.

Boxee does support closed captioning. Boxee is actually built off of XBMC it just has more features easily available.

XBMC allows scrolling folders first and then enlists files in alphabetical order. With Nito you can see everything only in alphabetical order. So file starting with “A” would go above a folder with “B”. I chose XBMC until Nito’s sorting option is improved.

I’m using AppleTV with an old, small tv-screen. The interfaces of boxee and xmbc do not fit to the screen, and the fonts are too small to read. So I prefer nitoTV.

I have video_ts files too, and Nito’s big drawback is that it can’t yet output Dolby 5.1 with these. Boxee doesn’t support video_ts at all. XBMC is the only game in town for video_ts with 5.1 sound.

However, XBMC is in my experience slow and a little buggy. Also the user interface feels needlessly busy (in contrast to Apple’s streamlined simplicity).

Basically, ATV is a hodgepodge of quirky apps that all have frustrating and often confusing limitations. Within this mishmash of beta software, XBMC is for me just another necessary evil.