NitoTV not recognizing jailbroken atv

Hi, I have a jailbroken atv 2 on 5.0.1, untethered, finished finally through Seas0npass .0.9.3, helped with some great advise on another board.


So finished, plugged in tv, have Firecore in place of settings, everything connected, proper wifi, etc., so looked good and went back to Windows

computer to install Nito, eventually XMBC.

I have used Nito multiple times, smooth as butter.  However, it is not recognizing my atv, finally said it isnt jailbroken.


Any ideas?  It was verified above, so don’t know where to look.  and really want XMBC and can’t shsh (or never have had it work), so need to

get through this.

I want to post the answer and resolution to this.


My computer, my office computer with multiple ports and cables would not recognize my jailbroken atv 2, so stuck.


After research, I found a resolution that works - if you have a jailbroken device, NitoTv is on Cydia.  Load it, fire it

up, be sure it and atv is on same wifi and select.  This installed Nito on my atv, then went ahead and did XMBC

also, and you can also do the upgrade version.

I still do not know why neither computer would work, but this jailbroken device was easier and smoother way to

load it.

So try this if you are stuck.