NitoTV - No Audio

Hello.  Newbie needs some help.  I copied my first movie to my Gen 1 ATV.  I used HandBrake to copy the DVD to an .mkv file.  I then used CyberDuck to copy the movie file to the ATV.  Everything went well up to that point.  I went to the NitoTV menu and opened the movie.  It started, but there was no sound.  I stopped the movie in NitoTV and went into the XBMC menu and opened it with XBMC.  It seems to play fine with audio.  Everything I've read indicates that I should be able to copy all my videos to the movie file using CyberDuck and play them with NitoTV.  I'm trying to utilize/learn the simplest process so my family members can use the ATV without difficulty.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks.


ATV 1G 160GB with aTV Flash

There are a few things you can try to improve MKV playback.

1. Change file playback mode to Quicktime in nitoTV --> Settings --> General
2. Disable the 'Apple H.264' item located in the Maintenance --> Settings menu.
3. Restart the AppleTV.