ATV flash 4.1.3 installed. Clicking on NitoTV/Network results in a crash or “an error has occurred, restart ATV”. No chance to get it working. Any clue? TIA

What version of AppleTV software are you running? (Settings → General → About)

Version 3.0.2, maintenance is uptodate too

Is nitoTV up to date as well? There also was a Maintenance update released today.

If that does not help, you may try removing the ‘mounts.plist’ file located in the Library/Application Support/nito folder. This will clear out any saved/corrrupted mounts and will allow you to setup a new mount which may resolve the issue.

A guide for connecting to the AppleTV via FTP (to locate the mounts.plist file) can be seen here:

thanks a lot. removing mounts.plist was the solution!