Nitotv & maintenance gone after update 1.6 + re-jailbreak

So yesterday a new update came… Great i thought…


My new problems:

Overflow gone (so no nitotv and more stuff)
Maintenance menu gone

Some know the ssh codes for installing overflow? maybe after that, my nititv will be back.

I am also missing maintenance menu. Someone have that ssh code aswell?

I am also experiancing diffeculties with the new mediplayer 1.6

I can no longer go back to the main menu with the apple remote DURING a movie. It just replays the video from the beginning. If the movie is over, it is no problem to go to the menu’s.

Any thoughts?

Anonther question:

If i re-jailbreak with the newest firmware 5…1.1 , will everything be lost? Will i have to install everything again? Does xbmc work on 5.1.1?

Hope to hear something soon