nitoTV - main menu slideshow

Not that flowers are great, but does anyone know how to change the picture folder ? 

Settings -> custom settings -> main menu extensions -> main menu slideshow -> select folder or select folder (root) and then what?

and down the rabbit hole she goes..

Hey buddy, I found that if I went to Slideshow Settings, then selected Select Folder and then selected "/User/Media/DCIM" as the preferred folder.  I then used Fugu to move image files into that folder.  You'll need at least two to make it a true slideshow.

I hope this helps!


Oh.....and then Reboot the Apple TV!

Thanks Buddy!


Please excuse this question:


but where do I get the flowers back working?   I don't have any wallpapers and want them back :-)


Tanks for your help in advance

Is there really no one who knows the default folder for the main menu slideshow?

Please help   :-)

I have the same problem - changed the folder by mistake without making note of the original "Flower Folder" location.

Does anyone know the Location of the Original Folder ??

Could someone please go into the menu and look up the folder setting ??


If nobody knows how to look it up I just have to reinstall..............

Could someone please look up the file location. Several people have this problem and asked the question.

Thanks :-)

can someone look and post, thanks!

Nobody knows - made my own slideshow !

Which properties must the own pictures have? I always get 0 pixel on height and width 0 and only a black screen.

I switched the folder to var/mobile/Media/photos/ and stocked the folder with images. Slideshow doesn’t work in main menu. I found a tutorial online and tried creating a ‘wallpaper’ directory in var/root/. However, when I select /root/ in main menu slideshow, the folders there don’t even show up for selecting. (library, media, wallpaper). There were lots of comments to that online tutorial with the same issue, but no answer given to the missing directories. Finally, in frustration, I attempted to navigate the images folder back to the default flowers so it would at least work again. Like others here, I could not even find it.

Is there anyone else that can help to get this working, or at least find the default folder again??

If you’re still looking for the default flowers / animals path :



I can see the folders fine, but main menu slideshow settings can’t seem to select anything…just drills down into folders with no “select” option anywhere.  In the last folder I just get images.  I have to back out and it’s stuck with the default flowers setting.  What am I doing wrong?

I also changed the flowers by accident and want them back and many thanks to Thenrg for posting the path. I will also change it now and hopefully the flowers will work again. I like them and think they are very beautiful so I would not want to change it anyway. Maybe I can try to change it and use other flowers. Last week I got so,e beautiful flowers delivered and I shot some pics and maybe I can use them. Will try to change it.

To select the picture folder that you want MainMenuSlideshow to use, try these steps:

  1. From the Settings Menu of the Apple TV, choose Custom Settings -> Main Menu Extensions -> Main Menu Slideshow -> Select Folder (Root Partition).
  2. Navigate to the folder that contains the photos you want to use. (Don't navigate inside that folder; you should be looking at the name of the folder, and not the contents of the folder at this step.)
  3. Press the LEFT button on the Apple Remote. (This is the step I think many people miss. It's not intuitive and doesn't seem to be well-documented.)
  4. The Slideshow Settings screen should now reflect the folder you selected above.
  5. Navigate back to the main menu and wait. After a few moments (30 seconds or so), the Apple TV will "reset", and you should be enjoying your new slideshow.

Hope that helps!