NitoTV jumpy/choppy/pause - please!


My problem is this, when I play any file using NitoTV (m4v/avi/mp4), high definition or standard definition it starts to stutter and pause at random intervals (but it is more common during high action scenes).

It’s fine when the film is stored on the AppleTV, but when streaming over a gigabyte switch via an Ethernet cable this is when the problem starts (The movies are stored on a LaCie drive and are connected via SMB).

I’ve tried different players (QuickTime/Mplayer) and I’ve tried different caching times in the Mplayer settings.

Originally the AppleTV would stream movies perfectly from iTunes. I upgraded to aTV Flash as I wanted to be able to play any format and not have to spend 4 hours converting to iTunes format.

On the side, what’s the highest bitrate the AppleTV can handle? I ask, as I can’t seem to find the bottle neck which is causing the stuttering.

Thank you!

You may try toggling the ‘Apple H.264’ option in Maintenance > Settings.

…also make sure you are not copying any files or ripping DVD’s on and from the external hard drive.