NitoTV Emulators, do they work?

Hello all,

Mine is working great, but I did notice and install the emulators available through NitoTV’s menu. once installed, they show up in the Applications menu, but trying to launch them pops up with a OS X prompt telling me the “emulator enhancer is a shareware product…”. I can choose to cancel the prompt, but there is no way to do this because a keyboard or mouse aren’t recognised through the USB.

Has anyone managed to get the emulators working? If it’s not possible at this time that’s cool, I just want to know if I should stop trying or not. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the samething. I’m able to hook up a keyboard though and select register later or now, but nothing happens.
I would love to get the emulators working. Can someone tell us where to put the roms, and is it possible to hook up two usb devices to play 2-player? What about wireless usb controllers? I love atv!


This is a install guide I made (DOC). Hope it will help

rapidshare dot com/files/158261555/How_to_get_the_Emulators_to_work_on_the_AppleTV.doc.html

This document is no longer available. Anyone have access to it, or another suggestion?

Yeah, anyone got this guide? I’d love to read it too. Thanks

I’d like to resurrect this topic.

I’m interested to play with these, but don’t want to install anything that’s not verified to work. There’s a guide on the wiki as far as setting up the USB controller on a mac, but not much else. Does anyone know if these work, or have a comprehensive guide on installing and using these emulators? I’ve gone through the smart installer with a 1.0 recovery image, so, should I have everything I need?


bump - additionally, would it be better to just download the latest emulator versions from the Internet, or are the bundled ones updated with each release of Nito?

Update - The emulation plugin frappliance does not work under 3.0.2 - I tested this last night. Not too surprising, since the last released versino was for OS 2.4. Is this what the Nito TV emulators installer install?