NITOTV doesn't see a networked drive

I’ve got a networked drive connected to the same switch where the appletv is connected.
XBMC see the drive (but it can’t connect, let’s skip over this for now).
When I try to read it from the nitotv menu, it shows me the drive, I click on it and then it says that there are some files missing and the drive can’t be shown. It says that a smart installer run would fix the problem, but it doesn’t.
Surfing, I saw that only older apple tv can connect to networked drive, because apple lately removed the necessary components. Is this true ?

By default the AppleTV will attempt to connect via the AFP protocol, however most newer AppleTV units will not support this protocol. The SMB protocol can be used in its place by setting up a ‘Manual Share Point’. We have a guide for setting this up at the link below.

If you’re having trouble setting up the share point, let us know and we can help walk you through it.

I saw that and followed. I can finish the procedure correctly, and then waits about 2 minutes on the “mounting volume, please stand by”. After, it jumps me back to the network menu