NitoTV causes a black screen.

I did everything that needs to be done to get nito tv on the appletv 2. Im running 4.3 jailbroken and after i update all in NitoTV it goes through a slow process and then i guess its done updating as it tells me to hit menu to exit.

I then reboot the apple tv 2 and when it gets back on and the light is stable i get a black screen. I then have to restore it back to 4.3 so any solution?

I’ve done this 4 times already. 1) jailbreak 2) ATV flash 3) install NitoTV then go into update all and wait till it tells me to finish then reboot my apple tv 2 then the light goes stable and black screen.

I wanted to also include is that when it says its done updating at the top of the screen at the programming part of the screen it looks as if there is still some commands that need to come in but they dont even move.

So could that mean that NitoTV isnt really fully done upgrading even though the top of the screen says it is?



After doing another APPLE TV 2 and upgrading all in Nito TV it doesnt even give me a black screen after i reboot or remove the power and power it up again.

This is very strange.

Sounds like one of the updates is causing the problem. Which is obvious. The only course of action is to do them one by one and see which ones are causing problems for you…

What I do now if i’m helping someone jailbreak their apple tv 2 is install Nito TV but i won’t upgrade all or even one by one. I just after that install xbmc and do what i need to do to get xbmc to show the addons and thats it.

I dont trust Nito TV anymore.