Nitotv broken in 4.01?

As noted in the subforums, since upgrading to 4.01 nitotv has been acting badly. Crashing and not allowing for deletions. Also, Atvfiles and xmbc/boxee menu items (in main menu) are disappearing. Is anyone else having these problems? Curious.

I’m having problems too. After a lot of upheaval getting 4.01 installed i’ve noticed that Nito is not working as it should. I use it to watch ripped DVD images from a shared external hard drive on my network. It sees the volume fine but when I try and play a DVD, the Apple logo appears, there is a long pause and then a spinning beachball appears. Eventually the DVD starts but rather than taking me to the DVD menu as expected, it starts playing the movie, sometimes with commentary, sometimes not.

Anyone replicate this and have a fix?

Just to say that this problem seems to have righted itself. Nito now plays DVDs as it did before - ie. without jerky playback and accesses the DVD menu on initial loading. Yay!